Falcao Leaps High in His Blue v1.11 Speed Boots to Secure Europa League Victory

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Another goal for El Tigre last night as Atletico beat Hanover 2-1 in the Europa League…

Strikers come in all shapes and sizes. The big men who dominate aerially, the small quick players who play alongside them and look to react to knockdowns and the athletic players who like to go wide in search of the ball. Watching Falcao this season, it is clear that, although he isn’t big, he possesses the attributes of all of those types of players.

When a cross was played into Hanover’s box last night, Falcao had no right to leap higher than the defenders and goalkeeper. But with a jump that makes you wonder if he has springs in the soles of his super light blue v1.11 Speed boots, he rose higher than everyone else to put his side into the lead in the ninth minute.

After his exploits with Porto, some people questioned whether he had peaked and weren’t sure if he could do it in the more competitive La Liga. What those people didn’t realise is that Falcao has improved every season and has dealt with injury and adversity earlier in his career.

Mentally tough and physically strong, the way he dominates bigger defenders is a joy to watch. His speed of thought and foot in the box make him impossible to mark and his finishing, whether with both feet or his head, have been one of the highlights of the Spanish season.

Stuck in eighth position in La Liga, Atletico face a huge game on Sunday against Granada. But Falcao has shown all season that when he is needed most he can deliver the goods, and if he can continue his scoring streak there is no reason why Atletico can’t force their way into the top six before the end of the season. They will face a tricky game away to Hanover next week, but if Falcao can score early and help them to victory they will surely be favourites to lift the Europa League trophy.

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