Day Two Had It All!

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We should be stunned. Perplexed and baffled. But we're hardly shocked. Not when it comes to goalies and England. They're single-handedly behind some of the most impressive individual mistakes a player can make. Now we all know the goalie's situation is very, very different from the other players, his actions are almost always more important and will be closer looked at, evaluated, and judged, than anyone else on the pitch. A striker can hit seven air balls but a goalie can't afford to miss once.

That said - we do hope Green will recover, hope he will be selected for the next game (confidence people, confidence!) to prove his judges wrong.

Or not. Let youngster Heart show his worthy at his early age. Messi isn’t much older, right? Which brings us right into the clash between Argentina and Nigeria and the World Cup’s smallest biggest star. Despite several excellent attempts he never managed to score (now that was outstanding goalkeeping, Vincent Enyeama – well-worthy Man Of The Match, yes sir!) We feel quite confident he will have his luck later on.

South Korea, led by with human oxygen tank Ji-Sung Park also showed amazing play as they secured the tournament's first victory. Big up for that. Greece on the other hand still struggle as they haven’t managed to win a single competition match since they, quite remarkably, won the Euro 2004. At least two more games to change that and best of luck.

Day two reflection: Seven goals scored so far. Not a single one from a forward. But summary so far: we’ve had wins, draws, losses, red cards, crucial mistakes and stars. Best of all? Tomorrow there’s more! It's like one month of Christmas.