Cursed By A Ghanaian Witch Doctor

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PUMA Football thinks it may have been hexed by a very scary looking Ghanaian witch doctor. Admittedly, it wasn't a good time to take his picture. His team had just been trounced 3-1 by an Ivory Coast side that looked like they'd finally decided to win this tournament. If that wasn't reason enough for his grumpiness, he was being dive-bombed by giant moths and a torrential post match downpour was in grave danger of ruining his red face paint. If there's one thing that winds up an African shaman it's having his makeup run.

During the game, this remarkable character - stripped to the waist and painted head to toe in the colours of his national flag - looked incredibly serene. While the rest of the Ghana fans leapt around in frustration, he was statue-still with a large clay pot precariously resting on his head. Not a sound passed his lips throughout the game which, when you consider it, is reasonable enough as balancing pottery for your team is probably a sufficient amount of support.

Not that the Black Stars had the monopoly on nutty fans. Les Elephants quite possibly pipped them in the weirdness stakes thanks to their very own transvestite cum zombie mime artist. Wearing little else apart from a skirt, white body paint, wrap around shades and a pair of bizarre fake boobs, he/it spent the entire match inexplicably vogueing like Madonna.

If you could tear your eyes from the terraces, there was in fact a pretty engrossing game going on down on the pitch. Following their drab goalless start against Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba, Salomon Kalou and Gervinho were now showing why they are rated Africa’s most formidable strike-force. Even after the dismissal of their full-back Emmanuel Eboue, the Ivorians still looked like they had one more man than Ghana. It’s no wonder the Black Stars juju man looked miffed.

In the end, PUMA Football did manage to get its photograph but fears it’s still paying the price. While the rest of Angola was out partying on Saturday night, we were forced to drill through the lock on our bedroom door after every one of our three keys inexplicably disappeared. We’re not 100 percent sure that black magic is to blame but let’s just say we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Ghana manage to qualify for the quarter-finals on Tuesday.