Caramba España

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Today was the day for the European Champions to show that their setback against Switzerland was a unique occurrence. So they did what they did last time. In short: a lot of ball possession and an offensive strategy that seemed to sum up to - attack, attack and attack, with enough goal opportunities they should come out as winners.

And in comparison to their last game it was a strategy that paid off with two beautiful goals by David Villa. However, the striker also a missed penalty, and as we discussed in our previous post – this group looks to end up being super-tight in the end making every goal counts. For Spain’s sake, let’s hope it’s not vital.

Tomorrow France’s wildly discussed destiny will be decided. Only thing is they don’t have it in their own hands as our boys in light blue, Uruguay face Mexico. A draw takes them both further in the tournament and would mean the shocking end of Les Blues appearance here. All we can say is that we’re 100% behind our team – vamos Uruguay!