Can you Bolt?

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Ever since Usain Bolt battered the 100 metres record in a breezy 9.58 seconds there was one question on the minds at everyone at PUMA, How do you take the speed of the world’s fastest man and put it in a shoe?

Various ideas were thrown on the table, from infusing his DNA with a highly abrasion resistant premium monolayer microfiber, to creating a genetically cloned army of Usains to literally carry people at the speed of Bolt.

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. But in this case, we’d stepped outside the box and ran away to the point that the box was nothing more than a dot on the horizon.

It was clear we needed some help. So we went straight to the source – Usain Bolt himself.

Introducing the PUMA evoSPEED collection. It’s worn by athletes that rip up the rulebook and approach sport in their way. And it’s infused (not literally) with the speed of the world’s fastest man.

From working with Usain, we created a “light, fit and flex” philosophy that we’ve applied to a range of shoes across the world of sport – including a gorgeous new football boot. The result? The delicously pacey evoSPEED 1 FG. As if Sergio Aguero wasn’t dangerous enough, he now has the speed of Bolt in his boots.

The perfect blend of technology and design turn a philosophy into reality. And the evoSPEED 1 FG epitomises this process. The monolayer microfiber upper material offers a glove like fit around the foot for a superb touch and unparalleled flexibility. And the GripTex print on the surface makes the ball stick to the foot like a dream.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re playing football, running for the bus or walking down the street. With the evoSPEED range you can inject a little pace into the proceedings and celebrate with a victory dance (we all want to enjoy life right?)

These speedy little babies will be dropping on 1st of June. So once you’ve copped a pair, there’s only one question left to answer…………….

Can you Bolt on the pitch?