Bolt video from his phone

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It was announced yesterday that Usain will run in the IAAF Diamond League meeting in New York on June 12, 2010. PACE Sports Management's Ricky Simms, Usain's agent, emailed him some questions about it and rather than emailing back, Usain sent this video from his phone instead.
The questions were:
1) It has been announced that you will run in the IAAF Diamond League in New York. Are you looking forward to it?
2) You will run your first race on Feb 13th in the Camperdown Classic - what event?
3) What is your next event after that?
4) What have you been up to since Christmas? You have been quiet.
5) What do you think of Man United beating Arsenal 3-0 on Sunday?
6) What video games are you playing at the moment?
7) I hear you bought a new car - what is it?

Thanks for sharing this Mr. Simms!