After Hours Athletes in Malaysia Go Bowling

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Ever wondered what type of social athlete you are?

PUMA, the purveyor of after-hours Social sport, is back! With a renewed vigour, we continue to inject fun and irreverence to the sports sphere by bringing together after-hours athletes from all over the world, giving them a platform to converge and have some friendly competition all in the name of fun and camaraderie.

Malaysian after-hours athletes were given a chance to experience PUMA Social this time with a cheeky take on bowling in key market centres such as Fuel in Penang last Dec. 2, Movida & Hola Pub & Bistro in Johor Bahru last Dec. 9 & 10, Ecoba at Damansara Perdana last Nov. 25 and finishing off at Movida at Sunway Giza on Nov. 26. Whew! And it didn’t stop there! The finale party took place at our favourite hangout of them all – at Cosmic Bowl!

The party brought together after-hours athletes of all ages in a night filled with electrifying performances, some wacky bowling challenges whilst enjoyed by a bunch of PUMA Friends including James Baum, Bittersweet, DJ Anowl, Adrian Tan, Nicholas, Jay Menon, Nadhira and many more, on the first ever stage constructed in a bowling alley.

We found about 8 social athlete types lurking around the city – There are the Playerz, Top Shots, Picfreaks, Hot Stuff, Songbirdz, Wigglers, Bottom-uppers and Foodies. PUMA friends and loyal customers were grouped accordingly and had to face-off at the finale party.

The night ended on a happy note. No rivalries emerged, all good fun (thank goodness)!

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