A Mini Pub Crawl in Durban

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Piracy and pints in South Africa’s port city.

Summer in Durban is in full swing, and on the hot, steamy east coast of South Africa, a cold beer is the perfect antidote to heat stroke (and boredom). The key is to not get caught out in the sun without a plan, people. Want to know what iconic spots and lowdown dives demand your attention for an afternoon pint? We thought so, that’s why we recently set out for an impromptu pub crawl to show you the ropes.

Our first stop was our favourite of the beachfront bars, Joe Cool’s. Here’s the deal, nobody knows who Joe was, or why he was so cool, except for thinking that the best place for a beer is in front of the ocean. It’s not a pretty bar, but the view of the ocean (and the amount of cold beers on tap) more than make up for it. We had a few, and decided it was time to move on. 

Next stop was the Point Yacht Club. OK, we know this sounds fancy, but don’t worry. It’s supposed to be members only, but if you roll in like you own the place (or at least a yacht), you’ll be just fine. Pro tip: go for their lower beer prices, stay for their legendary pies. The PYC has an in-house pie maker who crafts these hunks of meat-stuffed pastry. Pretty soon we were dreaming of owning yachts, but by the third round we had decided on becoming pirates. This was a sign that it was probably time to move on. 

Wandering down the street we found a hole-in-the-wall bar. Chandlers operates at the bottom of an apartment block—let’s just say the locals are very local. Kind of weird, but the beers were cheap (and that’s a key consideration on all-day pub crawl). We tried our hand at the slots. Lost. Had a few more beers, tried to recruit some crew for our pirate dreams. 

Striking out on the pirate front, we decided it was probably time to call it a day—the evening out was only a few hours away.

Photos courtesy of Genevieve Akal.