A Crucial Decision, a Slip-up and a Great Performance

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We had barely grasped the last goal-not-goal situation in the England-Germany game when the referees managed to put themselves in focus yet again.

Carlos Tevez was clearly offside when scoring the first goal for Argentina and there is nothing anyone can say about it. Sadly, it’s nothing that anyone can do to change it either. Mexico will go home and it's shows how crucial every decision is when you only have one game to accomplish what you came for and four years to wait for another chance. To insert technology or not has never been a bigger discussion than right now.

People in favor for this simply ask what it could hurt to allow the fourth referee the same chance to view and review scenarios (as the people behind the TV do) and the allowance to call the referees' attention. Naysayers think it would ruin part of the thing that makes football organic and human, with all the faults and errors that come with it. Where then should you draw the line? Who decides when something needs to be up for evaluation, for surely one side will think differently than the other? The fact that it’s pretty much the same game, same rules, same conditions as when it started god knows when, and is played under the same circumstances whether or not you’re a mega star in huge club or a local kid in the street or a mud-pitch is what football is all about.

That said, let’s get back to the game and leave those decisions to the deciders because it was a great game. You have to give credit to legend Maradona who is playing so very offensively that it goes beyond sheer sense, playing Messi, Higuain, Tevez and Rodriguez at the same time, and with a bench including Milito and Aguero they have firepower in reserve as well. Messi is still struggling to score his first goal in this World Cup but with the intensity, skill set and inspiration he plays with, the goals will follow and he very much seems to enjoy himself on the pitch anyway.

But today the goals were scored by none other than Tevez, the first one as we’ve stated was clearly offside but he made up for it with an absolute stunning firecracker that he launched from outside the penalty box that drilled itself back into the top corner. Marvelous. In between this Higauin managed to sneak in and clinch the top spot on the goal scoring leader board of the World Cup as he capitalized on a horrific mistake by the Mexican defender who tapped the ball into nowhere-land just outside his own penalty box. One can’t afford those sorts of mistakes with these kinds of players around - especially not with a cobra-quick Higuain who said "Gracias!" and scored.

Mexico tried their best but couldn’t get closer than polishing the numbers with Javier Hernandez's beautiful goal. Mexico are out, Argentina are through and let’s hope for more fantastic football tomorrow and less controversy around referee decision. Let the football speak for itself.