500 Grams Collection

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Get into a 3-piece collection that keeps you cool without the bulkiness.

The 500 Grams collection weighs in at 500 grams. Clever. We know. We made it that way. It includes the Jacket, the Tee, and the Body Warmer aka the Gilet. All are made from superior lightweight, occasionally transparent, materials. The collection does not include frills, extra fabrics, bells, or whistles of any sort. Some items may provoke outdoor activity. Such as walking. Which is fine, because these items should be regularly exercised to maintain their ideal body weights.

Items in this collection may be worn together or on their own, dependent on the mood, climate, or function required. We won’t tell you what to wear or how to live your life. We will, however, work our keisters off to make them better and more light—500 Grams of light, to be precise. Not 600 because that’s too much. Not 487 because it’s too random. 500 Grams because we did the Sport Lite Style math, and as it turns out, 500 is exactly what you need.

The Tee weighs in at 150 grams. It’s spiffy, sustainable, and its anti-odor fabric helps keep you dry. Wear it with the Jacket and Gilet for maximum torso excellence.

The Jacket weighs in at 150 grams. Heavier jackets have shied away from wind and water and dark nights, but this one has no fear of such things. It’s lightweight and protects against the elements with its warm, wind-protecting, rain-repelling construction. Not to mention its reflective print for visibility in low light conditions. When 500 Grams items are not in use, pack them up and carry them around in the Jacket’s built-in pouch.

The Body Warmer aka Gilet weighs in at 200 grams. It’s warm, water repellant, mobile, and enjoys long walks through the city. It’s best mate is the 500 Grams Jacket: they can be attached and worn together for exactly 350 Grams of upper body goodness.