Who’s the Motivator in Your Team?

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Although teams have 11 players out on the pitch - there is always one or two who psyche their team-mates up with motivational talks, words of wisdom and ferocious tackles. These players are often the heartbeat of a side, lead by example and most importantly, never duck out of a challenge

Successful teams have a balance of creative players and enforcers, players such as Patrick Vieira who still inspires team mates and lifts the crowd to midfield generals like Romeo Benetti who ruled the roost in Serie A throughout the 70s.

Who can forget Miguel Angel Nadal affectionately known as the ‘beast’ of Barcelona or his Real Madrid counterpart Fernando Hierro. What these players may have lacked in finesse they more than made up for in determination, leadership and work rate - and are rightly considered club legends.

We at PUMA Football want to know who is the motivator at your club?