Training on Vacation – How to Take the “Work” Out of Your Workouts

  • The PUMA Fitness Team
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A vacation from work doesn't have to be a vacation from fitness! Here are a few tips to take the "work" out of your workouts. 

Wake up, go to work, work out, do some homework, work your way to sleep, rinse and repeat – though the order may vary, for many of us, this is usually the normal routine. So when vacation finally rolls around, “work,” of any kind, is the last thing we want on our minds. But what happens when our bodies start craving a fitness fix while we’re supposed to be relaxing? Simple – take the “work” out of workouts and just have fun! And to save you any unnecessary brain work, here are a few easy training ideas.

Beach Runs: There’s not much that you can do on a beach that isn’t enjoyable – including running! Because sand has more give than most other surfaces, you don’t even have to run as hard – and to be safe, you should take it easy – but you still get the same results from a good run.

Water Training: Floating in a calm pool or diving into ocean waves doesn’t really sound like work, does it? Moving in water, though, offers around 75% more resistance than moving in air, so anything you do –from tightening your abs while drifting around, to underwater aerobics – gives you a healthy challenge with less effort.

Scenic Exercises: Just because you feel the urge to train your body doesn’t mean you can’t treat your eyes too. Whether it’s yoga on a porch with a pristine view, or lakeside leg-lifts, the scenery you surround yourself with can make all the difference.

Extended Activities: Sometimes the best way to work up a sweat isn’t work at all. A night out dancing with friends or a healthy day of walking around your favorite shops can burn just as many calories as similar time spent at the gym. Whatever moves you, as long as you’re moving, you’re making strides toward fitness.

These are just a few vacation training ideas, but how do you take the “work” out of working out? Tell us your favorite fun ways to get your fitness fix on Facebook or Twitter!