Tips To Stay On Track

  • The Fitness Team
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Fallen off the wagon?  Quick, jump back on.  And this time, you'll stay on.

WRITE DOWN GOALS, SEEING IS BELIEVING. Write it down with lipstick on your mirror, a note at the foot of your bed, or set an alarm to remind you of your goals every day.  It is much harder to forget about them when they are looking right at you.  Whether your goal is to do three pull-ups or lose 20 pounds, it is much more likely that you will make better decisions towards achieving that goal if you are given a smack-in-the-face reminder.

"MOST DAYS" Setting goals like "most days I will run for 30 minutes" is much better than "I will run every day for 30 minutes".  Nobody wants to be forced into a trap - and your human nature will want to rebel.  If you set the goal to run "most days," in the long run you will be running a lot more because you want to, not because you're forced to.  It's ok to have the weekend off if you want. Missing a day does not mean you failed.

GET IT DONE IN THE MORNING. People who work out in the morning tend to have a more consistent workout regime.  Too often we say we will work out later, and then we don't have enough time or feel too tired.  Before you even have enough time for excuses, get your sneakers right next to your bed and put them on when you wake up. The rest of the day you will feel refreshed, alive, and high on endorphins to spare.

SET AN INTENTION. Doing the same exact workout every day can get boring. Set your mind on something before you go to bed and commit to the new experience.  Intervals, group exercise classes, jogging, yoga, workout videos on YouTube, and applications on your smart phone are just a few ways to mix it up.

ENJOY. Move the way that moves you. Hate treadmills? Then no treadmills for you. Keep trying until you find something you love. Discovering what gets you feeling and looking good? It's worth the search.