No Gym, No Excuse

  • Siobhan Byrne
  • Written on:

If it was easy, then everybody would be in great shape. Right? We're pros at making excuses for not training, and one of the top excuses I hear as a trainer is "I travel a lot," or "I'm not a member of a gym." The fact is that some of the hardest and best workouts I have done as a trainer have been simply with bodyweight.

Your own bodyweight is the ideal way to get yourself fit with not a weight in sight. In fact, when my own clients are on holidays I highly recommend a bodyweight hotel room exercise plan to keep muscles toned and in tip-top shape.

The thing about bodyweight exercises is that you can still work your entire body in the comfort of your own home. It is the cheapest way to get some good exercise for your body - no matter what the weather. Most of these exercises can also be made more difficult.

Take for example the classic press up. As these exercises are based on weight as resistance, a press up can be made easier by completing on the knees or more difficult on the toes. If you're feeling especially tough, you can move along to a single-armed press up.

An exercise program like this can help develop muscle tone, get your heart rate up, and is a no-excuse plan that can be completed anywhere. It's also a great introduction to strength training and can be really beneficial to weight loss.

Some of my favorite bodyweight exercises include:

Squat (legs) or single leg squats
Lunges (legs)
Wall sit (legs)


Dips (triceps)
Press up (chest and shoulders)


Mountain climb (core and abs)
Crunches (Abs)
Supermans (core )
Spiderman (core and chest)
Plank (core and abs)
Side plank (obliques and abs and core)