It’s Time to Tell the World

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Performance is the lifeblood of football.
The better we perform, the more we enjoy it. And the more we enjoy it, the better we perform. 

But at PUMA, we create boots that don’t just boost performance, but reflect your footballing nature, and the way you play the game. We call this the Nature of Performance, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our boots elevate their wearers, releasing them from their shackles for 90 minutes every Saturday.

Take Agüero, the Speed Junkie. Blurrily quick feet that leave defenders in a daze. Does that sound like you? Sergio likes the lightweight, responsive evoSPEED. You might do too.

Fàbregas is power hungry. Powerful long-range screamers, powerful tackles, powerful runs . The kind of stuff you see him doing each and every match. The PowerCat 1 is his partner, driving him on to deliver the goods. 

And then there’s Yaya. He doesn’t just own the ball; he casts a spell over it. The man is all about running the game, owning the play - you could call him a control freak. If you like being in charge, then his King boots are for you.

Now it’s your chance to tell the world about the nature of your performance. Visit PUMA’s new Nature of Performance Facebook app and show your allegiance. 

Make a statement and join the team that best represents your nature - Sergio’s speed junkies, Yaya’s control freaks or Cesc’s team of power hungry individuals. 

Get personal after-game messages, virtual training sessions, exclusive competitions and all the latest news and info about your team and your captain. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else.

So there’s just one question to answer… which team are you going to join?