Introducing Our New Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection!

  • The Running Team
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A new season is coming and so are new products!  We?ve got full updates to the Velosis and Vectana and new colors of the Ventis and Spectana.  Oh, and we've got a few newbies on the block for Trail and XC so keep reading?

The Velosis 2 is the updated version of our top of the line neutral trainer. We’ve added cushioning in the forefoot and heel to make for a softer landing, and added KMS-Lite in the mid-sole to decrease the overall weight of the shoe.

To improve the Vectana 2 we modified our patented M2D technology to better stabilize the foot during the stance phase, and added more EverRide in the forefoot outsole to reduce weight and improve cushioning.

The Complete Nightfox TR is our newest trail shoe. It’s constructed with Rock Shield Plate technology for extra protection against sharp stones and EverGrip for improved grip and traction; this shoe can handle the toughest terrain.

Finally, if you love racing cross country then check out our new Haraka XCS! This stylish XC spike offers a sock-like fit and all the protection and stability you need for tearing up the course. It also comes in a spikeless version (Haraka XC).

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