How to Dress for Fitness Success

  • The PUMA Fitness Team
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Find out how the right clothes can take your training to the next level!

You may not be a fitness pro, but there’s an easy way to train like one – look the part! If you watch PUMA Fitness athletes like Cara Castronuova or Leslie Osborne work out, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to what they wear. It isn’t just about looking pretty – the cut, the material, and even the color of their clothing all play a role in how they perform. By dressing like a pro, your exercise outfits will actually support your body as it moves, help you handle any and all weather conditions, and even psych you up to push yourself to the next level!

If you want to dress for fitness success, here’s what you should look for:

Good workout gear guides your body. Your clothes should move with you—not against you. Whether it’s a simple seam that runs along your spine to help your posture, or a sporty cut that hugs your bodyline as you bend and flex – you should feel supported where you need it, and feel nothing where you don’t.

Climate Comfort
Fitness pros don’t wimp out – whatever the weather may be – so why should you? If it’s a scorcher, moisture wicking material that breathes is a girl’s best friend. On cold, rainy days, tights and tight-fitting turtlenecks can give you all the warmth you need. With the right clothes, the elements are taken out of the equation, and you’re free to get your fitness fix on your own terms –not Mother Nature’s!

The Look & Feel
Sporting an awesome outfit changes your attitude. When you’re coordinated from head to toe you feel balanced, and that balance shows through in your workout. Bright, vibrant colors, especially, have been shown to boost positive emotions. So when you’re sweating it out through challenging training sessions, the vibe you get from your clothes can keep your mind in a good place.

Curious what it looks like when all these things come together in exercise gear? Check out the pics from our BodyTrain Miami event on Facebook. Or, feel free to share your own photos of your favorite exercise ensembles!