Fitness Technology: Going Behind the Seams

  • The PUMA Fitness Team
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Find out what's working behind the seams of your favorite fitness gear!

Not all clothes are created equal when it comes to fitness gear. A lot of specialized design goes into meeting the high demands of the modern fitness lifestyle, and thanks to some great apparel innovations, you can take your workouts to all new levels. Curious about how it all works? Well, here are a few examples of fitness tech at work behind the seams.

U.S.P. Moisture Management: Thanks to modern moisture management materials, the unsightly sweat stains and uncomfortable clingy feel from low-tech fabrics are now gone. The latest fabric works by wicking moisture away from your body to the outside of the material where it can evaporate more quickly – much like sweat on bare skin. That means in hot conditions, your body heat is more effectively expelled, and in the cold, your skin stays dry to stop additional heat loss.

Anatomical Design: Pairing biomechanics with seasoned experience, today’s apparel is designed to enable free movement. Technology in fitness attire ranges from seams that prevent irritation to built-in structures that offer maximum support. More recent designs improve your performance and enhance results. Advancements like the BioStability technology in our PUMAGILITY XT Elite footwear, for example, cushion and guide your feet as you train.

Hybrid Fabrics: Light-weight, stretchable, and supportive material combined with breathability and mobility used to be little more than a fitness junkie’s dream. Fortunately, hybrid fabrics were created from synthetic and organic materials to move with your muscles for the highest level of performance. Materials like LYCRA®SPORT fuse a perfect blend of elasticity, breathability, and support while maintaining a light-weight feel and high range of motion.

UV Protection: The clothing you wear may not always properly protect you from the sun. In fact, many fabrics do nothing to prevent sun exposure from passing through to your skin, raising chances of developing sunburns and skin cancer. All PUMA outdoor apparel has been designed to stop UV rays and to afford long hours of safe exercise under the sun.

These are just a few examples of great new fitness technology used today. Are there any more modern advances in training gear that you find helpful? Tell us all about it on Facebook or Twitter!