Do you have what it takes? 'Hey There Delilah' Asks You.

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Now that you've watched six episodes about Delilah DiCrescenzo, PUMA track star on her way to Track & Field World Championships, she wants to know how well you've really gotten to know her. Show off your trivia skills and prove your loyalty in the Delilah Asks You Quiz Challenge. For the next few Mondays, Delilah will ask a question about content from previous episodes of DELILAH, and we'll randomly select a winner out of the pool of correct responses to get a pair of the brand new FAAS 550s sent to their house!

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Here's the very first question from Delilah:

This week, I'm turning the tables and asking you a question. People who have been watching the videos should be able to ace this (very) little quiz -- and possibly win a little something from Puma. Of course, if you haven't been watching (or just don't remember the answer), it's not too late. The episodes are pretty short, and you should be able to find the right answer pretty quickly.

As an event, how would I describe the steeplechase?

a. Grueling.
b. Weird.
c. Outlandish.
d. A little nutty.
e. None of the above.

Good luck!