Body by Byrne


Siobhan Byrne is director and co-owner of Bodybyrne Fitness and a full-time trainer. She has been involved in fitness from a young age and has an extensive background in kickboxing.

Siobhan is a Dublin native and one of the top trainers in Ireland. She is a TV and radio fitness expert specializing in diet and training, and a weekly columnist with the Irish fitness magazine, Fit Mag.

Siobhan has competed in triathalons and Iron Man triathalons and leads a holistic fit and healthy lifestyle. As one of the most sought after trainers and fitness models in Ireland, it's no wonder others want a body by Byrne.


Siobhan’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-ieIreland
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Specialty: Body Transformations
Favorite Smoothie Flavor: Raspberry
Favorite Workout Song: Rage Against the Machine - Bullet in the Head
Favorite Exercise: Stiff Leg Dead Lift