Mirella Koullias


Mirella Koullias is a trained personal trainer and TV presenter for the hit Finish family show about health and fitness. Previously, she was an international model where she was often seen on the catwalk, in TV commercials, or in swimsuit and underwear catalogs. Mirealla holds multiple trainer licenses including FAF Gym, FAF Personal, PT Coaching-Motivation, and FUSTRA. When Mirella is not personal training or TV presenting, she spends her free time playing sports. She loves being outdoors and is a fanatical runner and mountain biker. 


Mirella’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-finlandFinland
Specialty: Professional Trainer, Motivational Coach, and FUSTRA Trainer
Favorite Smoothie Flavor: Banana, Strawberry, and Mango Smoothie
Favorite Workout Song: Anything by David Guetta
Favorite Exercise: Running, Mountain Biking, and any exercise based on the FUSTRA method