Maj Lund Jepsen


Maj Lund Jepsen is a professional water skier. She started skiing at the age of 7, holds 5 Danish records in jumps, slalom and tricks, and in 2010 was crowned Water Skiing World Cup Champion. Staying fit is extremely important to Maj Lund, who is comfortable flying across the water at speeds of 100km/h and through the air 50+ meters. To stay fit for her extreme sport, Maj Lund spends hours in the gym working on her power, functional strength, and core stability. Not only is Maj Lund a world-class water skier, but she is also trained as a physiotherapist. At the age of 26, Maj Lund still has a deep hunger for life. She seeks more adrenaline rushing jumps and living her life to the fullest. 


Maj Lund’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-denmarkDenmark
Specialty: Professional Water Skier and Physical Therapist
Favorite Smoothie Flavor: Skimmed milk, blueberries, and almonds mixed in with Nutramino vanilla protein powder
Favorite Workout Song: Ni**as in Paris By Jay-Z & Kanye West
Favorite Exercise: Wide Bar One-leg Deadlift