Eleni Petroulaki


Eleni Petroulaki-Ivic, born in Sitia Crete, is one of Greece’s most notable fitness personalities. From a young age, Eleni has been involved in Fitness. At the age of 8, she started collecting sporting achievements both in Greece and abroad and has not stopped. In 1992, she was the first Greek fitness instructor to launch a series of tapes and DVDs, which included her exercise program, Total Body Conditioning (TBC). Eleni, also sometimes referred to as the Greek Yoga Goddess, was the first to introduce Power Yoga to Greece. In 2002 she founded the health club ASANA. Today there are 8 ASANAS throughout Greece.


Eleni’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-greeceGreece
Specialty: Professional Yoga Instructor
Favorite Smoothie Flavor: Vanilla
Favorite Workout Song: Dari Lullaby by Thor
Favorite Exercise: Power Yoga