18 Nov

PUMA Social Piñatas in Australia

PUMA Social is back, this time in the form of Pinatas, filled with totally rad goodies including 1x Golden Ticket inside each one! Hanging on the streets of Melbourne, all that is missing is you, your mates, a hefty dose of enthusiasm and some good old fashioned brute strength. Clues will be distributed through our Facebook and Twitter pages in the lead up to the events so keep your eyes and ears peeled and come and visit us at one of our locations below to chance to score some sweet PUMA gear.

We measure our late night sport in long hours, high fives and the occasional phone number. It’s fun, you should join us. Here are the go-to spots for Friday & Saturday smashfest:

Friday 18th November

6:00 PM-Tattersalls Lane CBD (Next to Section 8)

6:30 PM - Napier St. Fitzroy (Park next to Fitzroy Town Hall  across from the Napier Hotel) & Sydney Rd. (Outside the Penny Black Hotel)

7:00 PM Stewart St Richmond (Just behind the Corner Hotel, off Swan St)  & Cleve Garden St. Kilda (corner Fitzroy & The Esplanade, across Tram Stop)

Saturday 19th November

11:00 AM  Behind Las Chicas

2:00 PM South Melbourne Market (End of Coventry St. South Melbourne near walkover bridge to tram stop) & Jacka Boulevard, St. Kilda (park next to the Stokehouse, hung from a small walkover bridge in between park and beach)

 4:00pm Lucky Coq at Corner Chapel and High Street Windsor (Pizza’s on us!) 

  • Date: Friday, November 18, 2011
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Who’s Invited?: Everybody's welcome!
  • Location: Tattersalls Lane, Napier St. Fitzroy, Sydney Rd., Las Chicas, South Melbourne, St, Kilda, Corner Chapel St., High Street Windsor
    Melbourne, Victoria
  • Map