21 Dec

PUMA Singapore Social Hall of the Infamous

PUMA celebrates the After-hours athlete with the Social Hall of Infamous poll. This perfectly brings together all the movers and shakers in Singapore’s social stratosphere with an interactive twist by engaging the public to nominate their friends. The Hall of the Infamous is a round up of the 12 identifiable characters we are most familiar with in every Social night out. There's the Compulsive Instagrammer who, any given time, posts strange to mundane pictures up his Twittter page. There's the 5 AM Cab Runner, who always manages to catch a cab for everyone. Also, you cannot forget the Pingpong Hogger who, win or lose, will always hold on to that paddle like his life depend on it. Those who make it to the Hall of the Infamous will have their snapshot in the 2012 PUMA Social Calendar.

Winners will be announced on the 16th of December at Home Club. Get free invites to the finale by visiting http://www.puma-social.com.sg and voting.




  • Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2011
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Price: FREE! (if you register at http://www.puma-social.com.sg)
  • Who’s Invited?: Smooth Talkers, 5AM Cab Runners, Hotdog Addicts, EVERYONE!
  • Location: Home Club
    20 Upper Circular Road
    Singapore, SG
  • Map