Open Season

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In 1981, the ICC began its points system in order to judge how the international teams would be ranked. Many teams established their dominance over long periods of time. There were the Aussies who held the top spot for over 13 years, followed by the Windies who held it for over 8 years, South Africa for over 5 years and England nearly 3! So why think about this now? 

After England leap frogged South Africa to beat India to the No. 1 test spot in 2011, many believed it was the best English team they had ever seen. What happened next? Well England lead for a while, before South Africa came, saw and conquered!

The purists of the 80s or 90s would never have imagined that they would see a day when no cricket team was unbeatable. First India beat Australia to take the top spot, then England beat India to become No. 1, following which South Africa beat England and are currently on top. All of this in a span of just 2 years!

If you’re wondering whether it’s the teams that have become complacent, you can stop. The international cricket scenario has developed in such a way that nearly every team is in contention to be or stay on top. Good news is, because of the way things are, cricket has become amazingly competitive.

Fans enjoy themselves as they watch their teams in action, knowing that the game could go either way. There are no underdogs anymore. Its open season people and every team is hunter and prey!