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#LOVE12 is an ecosystem created by PUMA + Yuvi that provides people a platform to come together, have fun, be creative and do something positive. #LOVE12 uses the power of social media, Yuvi’s stardom and PUMA values to come up with ideas that are easy to do and fun for people to take part in.

It all started when PUMA signed Yuvi. His love for number 12 is legendary. Yuvi believes that there is deeper meaning to 12 in his life, it’s his lucky number, and its no coincidence that he was born on the 12th, in the 12th month, in Sec-12 Chandigarh. In Cricket, Yuvi wears a 12 jersey too. Its hard to question the significance of 12 in his life, and so is his love for 12. And thus begins the journey of #LOVE12.
For PUMA, Yuvi and his Twitter clout provide #LOVE12 with a perfect opportunity to reach out to millions, in a relevant and meaningful way.