Ballistic Rugged Pastels

Bringing ballistic nylon materials to classic PUMA Clyde styling in 5 purely spring colorways – The PUMA x Undefeated Clyde.

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The Man

Walt “Clyde” Frazier

Walt 'Clyde' Frazier

He was the perfect mix of performance and style. On the court, Clyde was dominant – seven-time allstar, two-time champion, named one of the 50 greatest players in league history. Off the court, he was a fashion renegade. He redefined street style with wide-brimmed hats, custom suits and PUMAs. He was the definition of cool – a pillar of confidence and creativity.



The PUMA Clyde

Customized for Walt Frazier in 1973, the Clyde was the first signature basketball shoe. Built on performance and style, it immediately became a mainstay on the court and on the street. As a statement shoe, it was part of the uniform for cultural artists – DJs, b-boys, musicians and graffiti artists. The colors, the formstrip and the gold signature on the side of every shoe were the symbols of credibility.




Undefeated is not just a store. Itʼs not just a brand. It is a philosophy. Interconnected to victory and virtue, Undefeated designs and develops apparel, accessories and collaborative footwear. Cofounders Eddie Cruz and James Bond have established the brandʼs street credibility and business ingenuity. At the forefront of creativity and individuality, Undefeated continues to be the unofficial voice of the next generation. Want to learn more? Visit