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  • The PUMA Supply Chain

    PUMA products are made in 500+ facilities in 42 countries.
    In 1993, we began auditing factories to improve workplace social and environmental conditions. In 2007, our program received Fair Labor Association accreditation, meaning we adhere to best practices in enforcing international and
    national codes of conduct to improve working conditions
    in our supply chain. More on our standards and
    supply chain audit system here.

  • Monitoring

    Working together, and taking things one step at a time
    moves us forward more efficiently. To achieve and maintain more effective compliance mechanisms, we encourage our suppliers to participate in performance enhancement projects and partnerships with global and local civil society partners. These programs contribute to systematic improvements in the supply chain while promoting the management system approach. Supplier Sustainability Reports

  • Better Work Partnership

    Since 2010, PUMA has been working with Better Work,
    a partnership of the International Labor Organization
    and the International Finance Corporation. This program improves working conditions through country programs
    that drive sector-wide compliance with core
    international labor standards.

  • Supplier Roundtables

    In 2010, PUMA initiated supplier roundtable discussions focused on the most important social and environmental challenges identified by PUMA audits. Experts are consulted for specific topics, but the value stems from interactive discussion among those actually running the factories. For PUMA and our suppliers, these roundtables are a key problem solving and information-sharing tool.

  • More Info On PUMA’s Sustainability Efforts