PUMA Social Jakarta

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Here's to all the After Hours Athletes in Indonesia!

There were 5 am cabs but hardly anyone wants to come home. The PUMA Social Party left our friends in Indonesia asking for more. We don't blame them. Where else can you find a party that encouraged you to play? A night of revelry, a fun round of pingpong, a wild ramble for drinks and darts.No other party comes close to PUMA Social.

DJ Noxx jumpstarted the night by inviting After-Hours Athletes to partake in random social games like ball putting, a giant Suede shoe knock out game and good ol' takraw challenge. Winners took home goodie bags filled with PUMA stuff.

All night beats were provided by Bottle Smoker, Teenage Illionaires (YIF), DJ Bone (Spinach), Chantal. It was a smashing success, we say how about a round 2? Watch out!