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Check out the latest collection by PUMA by Hussein Chalayan.

Motion is what keeps fashion designer and PUMA Creative Director Hussein Chalayan curious. It inspires him to re-configure a shoe, a jacket, a lifestyle. His curiosity seeks to alter—to physically morph space, time, and movement.

To bridge fashion and performance and to move both forward.

Inertia Collection by Hussein Chalayan

In October 2008, Chalayan presented his Inertia Collection. It broke new creative ground with its molded latex garments. They encapsulated movement and speed to make a statement about the “speed of our lives.” This statement is a common thread through his PUMA collections and gives the brand’s sportlifestyle philosophy a fashion-forward momentum.

PUMA by Hussein Chalayan | Autumn/Winter

This careful consideration of cut lines and motion carries through to Autumn/Winter 2011. He explores movement as captured by camera shutters. Styles are refocused with geometry and light, with linear angles and twisted drapes.

Urban Swift by Hussein Chalayan

Within this collection, Chalayan created the Urban Swift by fusing his Inertia aesthetic with one of PUMA’s icons, the Clyde. The Clyde was originally created in 1973 for American basketball legend Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier. It gained a following among break-dancers and skateboarders and soon crossed continents to become a cult icon. Chalayan’s Urban Swift is styled in rich leather and stays true to the Clyde’s reputation for rapid movement and culture-clashing. The quarter and back panels are treated to achieve the compelling Inertia aesthetic.

To see more of the PUMA by Hussein Chalayan collection visit http://urbanmobility.puma.com/.

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