Daily Serving of Jerk

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The jury is officially out on what makes Jamaicans so fast. But if sport excellence is the result of training and a proper diet—then we’re putting a spotlight on the jerk. This cooking style has put Jamaica on the map with its spice, tang, and taste. Driving around the island, you’ll see jerk huts up and down the roads. Each flame-roasting then spicing then roasting then serving up a mean dish of drop-dead delicious.

Even at the PUMA YARD, jerk cooking was the go-to for partygoers, accompanied by plantains and sweet potatoes and hold on a second we just drooled on our keyboard a bit…

Is jerk one of the secret ingredients to these Jamaican super humans? We can’t prove it, but we’re happy to test it out and nyam good in the meantime.

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