Clyde Brogue

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This kick speaks with a brogue and is fluent in smooth moves

This is how it went down… In 1973 basketball great Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier knocked on PUMA’s door. (Was he wearing a fedora? Most likely. But we cannot officially corroborate that claim.) He ordered up a custom-made pair of Suedes. (His court shoe of choice.) We happily obliged by reconfiguringthe original silhouette, stamping his moniker on the side in gold, and BAM!—the PUMA Clyde was born.

The Clyde Brogue is the youngest in this dynastic line, and has inherited oodles of style and class. It’s decked out in patent leather with a gentleman’s brogue—then tweaked, slimmed down, and primped for all the ladies out there. It has premium leather, lightweight tooling,and a detachable kiltie.

And that kids, is how legends are made.