After Hours Idol: Foosball Champion

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We all know there are certain places where the Number Hunters, cool kids and Kings of the Social swingers hang out, play the game and score! Well, here’s a little tip for you - one such domain in the late night milieu is the Foosball table!! A lot of awesome action begins at the Foosball table and that’s why no PUMA Social Club is complete without one... or three; so you PUMA Socialites can show off your amazing skills, outrageous moves and magnetic personalities (no ACTUAL magnets allowed on the foos table though FOOS*)!

In fact we’d go as far as to say a Foosball table is an obligatory part of any self-respecting social club’s furniture! The possibilities of scoring from the Foosball table are endless and that’s why we’ve put this handy little guide together just for you...

How? Take to the Foosball pitch against your friends and show everyone in the house what you’re made of! Remember that winning is important, but putting on an all-star performance for the crowd and showing off your silky skills is the name of the game.

Why? Because all PUMA Social eyes naturally gravitate to the Foos table and thus all eyes will be on you, so it’s an awesome opportunity to impress. Good things happen at the table, but better things happen away from it; so think of the Foosball table as a fairly LOUD stepping stone on your hunt for that all important phone number.

When? There’s no time like the present to showcase your skillzzzz! But, if you’re chasing a number or two against the clock before hitting up your next After Hours hotspot, why not challenge whoever you have in your sights to a game – and kindly offer them some tips on their “technique”! You can thank us later :)

What happens next? If you bring your A-Game to the table, put in the groundwork and get in the right positions, we’re pretty certain you’ll score!

So what are you waiting for? Get out on the table and spin to win!

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