PUMA by Mihara Yasuhiro

Mihara Yasuhiro

Quirky king of avant-garde sneakers, Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro gets his kicks by challenging the boundaries of sport and fashion. By the late 90s, he had established himself as a footwear force with his muted, monochromatic, and distinctly urban styles. He soon entered into apparel, and later his successful partnership with PUMA in 2000. He’s a designer equally amused by geometry’s proven formulas and the unpredictability of pedestrians in metropolitan Tokyo. Somewhere within this space Mihara’s boundless imagination strikes a balance to produce a whole – shirt, bag, or sneaker – that’s grounded in logic but geared to dodge reason and surpass expectation.

Autumn Winter
Twenty Thirteen

An explorer is one who searches beyond what is known, guided by compass and curiosity, devoid of fear and driven by imagination. Such is Mihara, navigating the darker side of the seven seas in his latest PUMA collection. He transforms and purposely mis-tailors performance silhouettes with scavenged style and stolen technologies. The collection has dark, defunct, eloquent undertones set off by metallic and ink and quirk. Toe caps are dipped in gold. Wicker basket rucksacks are configured for urban maneuvering. Lightweight capes and windproof pea coats and fisherman-like pants fuse burgundy color with bright Caribbean sea blue. It’s a season that’s anti-everything and ready for anything. It’s Anglo regality meets pirates meets tattoo parlor, and pomp meets unlikely circumstances in yet another corner of Mihara’s mad, masterful world.