PUMA by Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan

Motion is what keeps world-renowned fashion designer and PUMA Creative Director Hussein Chalayan curious. It inspires him to re-configure a shoe, a jacket, a lifestyle. His curiosity seeks to alter—to physically morph space, time, and movement by drawing inspiration from anthropology, technology, and hybrid cultures. In October 2008, Hussein presented his Inertia collection. It broke new creative ground with its molded latex garments. They encapsulated movement to make a statement about the “speed of our lives.” This statement is a common thread through his PUMA collections; he welds his precision of approach with the PUMA’s playfulness and explores motion on new levels. His final creations are made for a life lived swift—but also one that takes the time to recognize and reflect on those moments that best define life itself.

Autumn Winter
Twenty Thirteen

Sit on any street corner in this big wide world and it’s easy to learn a few things. Corroborating this claim: Hussein Chalayan’s latest PUMA collection. He explored cities. Observed pedestrians. Watched the way they move, the way they hustle, the way they shift their weight and maneuver through an urban environment—slightly left of center and always with distinction. The resulting designs merge style into function into style. They play with sculpted volume (robust molds) and sport detailing (functional textures). Fabrics dabble in contrast (neoprene, leather, suede). Footwear smacks opposing silhouettes together and secures them with a zip. Collectively, it’s a season made to move within the crowd but never (never ever) follow the masses.