The last time Kelvin Harrap sailed round the world, he didn’t have an iPod to load with his favorite U2 songs. Kelvin tackled the 1993-94 Whitbread around the world race and the1997-98 Volvo Ocean Race. Upon completing the latter, he said he wasn’t going to do another. Until now.

“I’ve never won it before and would love to win it,” he says. “And I think this is a strong team with every chance of winning it.”

Kelvin has been sailing since age 9 and admits that after this next VOR he may finally be tired of it. As a sailor who lives and breathes competition, we’d beg to differ. Since his last around the world voyage, he’s split much of his time between the America’s Cup, coaching, and raising his two young children with his wife, Mary.

Kelvin will certainly be bringing his iPod on board this time around. He notes that if he could bring one other item (family excluded, naturally) it’d be a hot shower.


Kelvin’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-newzelandNew Zealand
Date of Birth: October 05, 1970
Hometown: Napier, New Zealand

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