Gonzalo Garcia


Fighter, Through and Through

A product of the nursery of Maristas club in the city of Mendoza Argentina, GiGi has revealed his value in his first season in Calvisano (2007/2008), with a great contribute to the title of gialloneri. He had to choose between meeting Italy or the Pumas, he has decided to wear the country shirt of his grandparents, debuting in Cape Town in Azzurro against South Africa, the world champions. A week later, in Cordoba, he fought, tackled and beaten Argentina, confirming his reputation as a tough tackler. Since then he became an essential pivot in the line of three-quarters of Nick Mallett's National Team, making more torque between the centers with Gonzalo Channel and proving himself as a deadly defender and mighty striker. Memorable his penetration in the defense of South Africa in autumn 2009 in Udine. Holder for all the 6 Nations 2010, he missed both South Africa and Cariparma Test Match 2010 summer tour because of an injury. 


Colo, GiGi’s Vitals

Nationality: Ico-italyItaly
Date of Birth: February 18, 1984
Hometown: Mendoza, Argentina

Notable Performance

Great contribute to the title of gialloneri in 2008